Team Retreats

Leaders are eager to maximize their teams’ potential and address challenges in smarter, more creative ways. To efficiently meet this demand for stronger leadership and more balanced approaches, Stronger Not Harder provides the following team retreat packages for volunteers, employees, board members, and C-level executives.

If you do not see what you are looking for, just ask! All retreat packages include a 1-hour managerial consultation to meet the specific needs of each individual client.

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Team Retreat Packages

compassStrengths Discovery – 3-4 hours (Most popular!)

The Strengths Discovery package includes a 1-hour consultation and a 3-4 hour strengths exploratory retreat. In the consultation, Brigid Belko Gorton will meet with the leader of the team to review the team’s Clifton Strengths results and unpack their meaning. From there, the two will customize an agenda for the retreat to best meet the team’s needs. Every retreat includes a review of Gallup’s Clifton Strengths theory, an unpacking of each individual’s results, and a Clifton Strengths team profile review. Once we review the basics of Clifton Strengths, then we can use it to address goals and/or challenges, ex: team communication maps, building stronger partnerships, issue mediation, etc. The Strengths Discovery session is only the beginning of the Strengths path; Brigid Belko Gorton will provide participants with tools to continue their journey.

group Strengths Exploratory – 1-4 hours

The Strengths Exploratory session goes beyond the tip of the iceberg! All Strengths Exploratory retreats will improve the team’s ability to recognize and use each other’s strengths every day. With weeks’ worth of Gallup Clifton Strengths tools, research, and curriculum left to unveil, Brigid Belko Gorton will meet with the leader of the team to determine the best next steps to address their needs.

handshakeNew Employee On-boarding – 4 hours

Are you bringing on new employees and want to include them in your office’s strengths-based culture? Including Clifton Strengths into your on-boarding process can be a great way to build your team and introduce new players to cherished norms and values. Through this retreat, veteran employees will also get to know their new colleagues and reinvigorate their strengths-based approaches.

 Specialized Retreats – 3-4 hours (with possible follow-ups)

Is your team already in love with Clifton Strengths, but could use some guidance in applying a strengths-based approach? Then, a specialized retreat could be just the ticket! Some examples of areas to apply a strengths-based approach are:

  • strategic planning
  • communication mapping
  • leadership development
  • annual performance reviews
  • succession planning
  • issue mediation
  • board of directors and by-laws restructuring
  • job duties re-alignment and revitalization

couple Family and Couple Sessions – 1-2 hours

If you share a roof with the team you care the most about, a family or couples session could reinforce commitments of love, peace, and respect. Using the Clifton Strengths results, we would work to identify values and address challenges.

barbellTeach with Your Strengths Session – 2 hours

Using your Top 5, each educator can craft their own teaching philosophy to use with students and in their career development. In Teach With Your Strengths, you’ll hear from great teachers, many of whom reveal their unorthodox — and sure to be controversial — approaches. You’ll gain key insights gleaned from 40 years of research into great teaching. If following a Strengths Discovery session, the “Teach with your Strengths” session will take two hours. The purchase of the Teach with Your Strengths book is required for the session.

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