Stephen Covey’s highly effective habit of taking time to “re-sharpen the saw” is easily recognized as important, but often impossible to pull off in today’s busy world. Assessment and evaluation, unfortunately, have a tendency to fall to the back burner, eventhough we value their ability to make our work more effective and efficient. That’s where Stronger Not Harder can provide you and your team an extra boost with qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research consultation.

Partnering with The Motley Consulting Group and Tracy G. Mallard Consulting, our span of knowledge and experience can meet most any research need.

With Clifton Strengths, Gallup has found %%% for managers and engagement. Do that… For people familiar with their strengths

Training and Curricula Development
Do you need to employ a new tool or train a new employee? Why not work stronger instead of harder by maximizing a strengths-based approach. With a specialization in curriculum development and over a decade of education experience, Brigid Belko Gorton can help you develop your teaching and lessons based on the strengths of you and your team.

Annual Performance Reviews
Maximize the potential to refresh intentions in your workplace. Using a Gallup-certified performance review system, you and your colleagues can build awareness of each other’s strengths, goals, and challenges. With the strengths-based review system, formerly tough or inconsequential conversations transform into supportive dialogues that improve working relationships and outcomes.

Issue Mediation
From messy kitchens to microagressions to colleagues that are no longer on speaking terms, employee issues are a natural part of the workplace landscape. Addressing issues with a strengths-based approach can empower the manager and employees to enter dialogue with a respect for differing perspective. Finding value in each other and sharing vulnerability in ourselves can open space for constructive dialogue that can develop a pathway forward.