Ideation® is a strategic thinking strength that loves ideas and connecting them together. People with Ideation® are constantly surrounded and inspired by ideas throughout their days. It has been described as popcorn kernels constantly popping in one’s brain. Pop, pop, pop!


Ideation® loves brainstorming and experimenting with new ideas. Joy and fulfillment are found in the conjuring and connecting of ideas in their nascent forms. Willy Wonka is a great example of this. His purest satisfaction comes in playing with his multitude of ideas from candy to transportation to physics in his “world of pure imagination.”



As Ideation® is not in the executing domain, people with this talent truly love the idea phase of anything and can be content staying in that stage. They can dream, research, compare, and plan their ideas for ages and find much fulfillment. Unless combined with other executing talents, people with Ideation are happy to remain in the research, experimentation, or planning stages, and leave the execution up to others.


With Willy Wonka, he is happy to keep his ideas in his own world. While he sells some of his candy, the majority of his ideas are for him to play with in his “paradise.” However, it is clear that he has other relationship building talents because he wants to share his paradise with others. Thus, he created the golden ticket scheme (another one of his ideas) to find someone(s) worthy of sharing his paradise.


So, if you have Ideation®, do not be bashful in owning the joy you derive from your paradise of ideas. If you know someone with Ideation®, appreciate the joy they derive from brainstorming and experimenting. Maximize their talents by bringing them into the initial stages of any new project.




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