Individualization® is knowing what makes each person unique. It could look like a weakness for Law & Order: SVU marathons, a devout love for peanut butter, or a knack for tough conversations. Whether you like the person or not, you can still appreciate what makes them special or talented for a specific job. As a result, people with Individualization® love meeting and working with people from diverse experiences and backgrounds. It gives them more special things to find out about people!


Karamo Brown the life coach/therapist from Netflix’s Queer Eye showcases this talent every episode. Within a 30-minute conversation, he finds the missing puzzle piece needed for a participant’s healthy makeover. Karamo has been instrumental in helping one participant make amends with the man that shot and paralyzed him and arranging for another to meet a long-lost sister. Individualizers can easily see people’s weaknesses and are eager to help where they can. On a more regular basis, people with Individualization® similarly maximize this talent by knowing, finding, and/or creating the perfect gifts or experiences for people they care about.


In this way, people with Individualization® can be also great at setting up pairs or teams to bring out the best of each other’s strengths. Yente the matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof and the modern, real-life version, Patti Stanger the Millionaire Matchmaker, are both great “love” examples of this talent. They quickly see what stands out about someone and how people’s talents or hobbies can balance one another. Note: to others without Individualization®, these matches can sometimes seem very odd. As someone with the talent, I love pairing people who are opposites and have possibly been in conflict with one another. As you can imagine, such an idea is often met with confusion and disbelief. But framed within a well-informed strengths context, it is amazing how opposites can start to bring balance to an idea. Their counter opinions can paint a fuller, more vibrant understanding of the task at hand, improving each person’s performance.


If you are someone with Individualization®, are you making the most of your strength and reminding people how they are special? If you know someone with Individualization®, ask them what they think makes you special. You might be surprised by what they have to say, but it could help you on your personal development journey.



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