WOO® is an acronym for Winning Others Over. It is a charming and sociable strength seen all over Hollywood, reality TV and pop culture. If you ever wonder how a certain celebrity is so popular with so little talent, you could very likely be overlooking their WOO talent. WOO is very likable. It is eager to make friends and skilled at doing so. They think strangers are friends they have just not met yet. Follow a WOO on a shopping trip, and you’ll see they are likely to strike up conversations everywhere they go. And, the biggest bonus, WOO can be so charming that people frequently give them things for free or discounted just because they like their smiles.



A fun example of how this can be lived out on the balcony and basement at the very same time is Billy Flynn from the movie and musical “Chicago.” Having never lost a case, Flynn is an incredibly successful trial lawyer that masterfully uses his sphere of influence inside and outside the courtroom. Unlike Supreme Court judges with Consistency that stay inside the realm of the law, Flynn curries favor for his clients by pulling everyone into the allure of his story. From reporters to prison officials, he “razzle dazzles” them to see a very specific version of events. SPOILER ALERT: He is so good at this that he is even able to drop an additional murder client’s charges in the middle of an unconnected case. That’s talent! Contrarily, you can see he is in the basement by exercising this talent to help criminals get away with murder and make a joke out of the venerable justice system.


While Billy Flynn’s example is certainly glamorized, there is another genre where I see this talent being used for a more admirable purpose. Megachurch preachers! From Billy Graham to Joel Osteen to T.D. Jakes, all of these preachers maximized the new media tools of their day, respectively stadium tours, television, and social media, to spread their messages worldwide. Despite the fact their messages are literally as old as the Bible, they jazzed them up in a way that has followers feeling connected with a friend while in a crowd of thousands.


For all of these examples, WOO cares so much about other people’s thoughts and opinions that it can haunt them in the basement. Telling a WOO not to worry about what others think or feel is like telling a fish to swim in air. Again, our Billy Flynn has a mature approach to this problem. Looking at the bigger picture, he sees how one day you are in, one day you are out, and “that’s Chicago!” Accepting that the public’s attention and favor is fickle and out of your control is healthy. Eventhough, Flynn has the ability to change it and be at its center, he never grows attached to it. This is the best way for WOO to stay on the balcony.


So, if you are a WOO or care for one, permit free reign to meet new friends and share ideas. This gives them energy and fulfills them in life. And, a happy WOO on the balcony means happiness can spread to many others, too!



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