Genius by birth. Grumpy by choice. I saw this funny saying on a t-shirt and thought it might as well be an Analytical® moniker.


Opposite of Positivity®, Analytical® loves the intricacies of data and numbers, and how they can be identified to create more efficient and effective situations. Positivity® can have blind optimism and believe something will work out because they are simply hopeful. Analytical® challenges Positivity® to prove their optimism with numbers and facts, not feelings. This can prompt many emotional thinkers to give Analytical® the barrier label of grumpy. However, if someone is calling Analytical® grumpy because of a factual assessment, the Analytical® will take it with pride because they “know” they’re right and that can upset others.


As a result, when there is only one Analytical® on a team, it can be deeply isolating. (I’d say more so than most other strengths.) Case and point: Moneyball, the book and film. In the Hollywood version, Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) and Paul DePodesta (Jonah Hill) optimize statistics and numbers to completely re-wire how baseball games and championships can be won. Everyone else in the world laughs at them, saying they are foolish and bucking hundreds of years of baseball tradition for nothing. That is until their theory and work start paying off (as they predicted).


In this example, it was crucial for the Beane and DePodesta to 100% believe in their Moneyball theory and execution. This is so important and why Analytical® is part of the Values strengths package. When Analytical® can 100% believe in and put their numbers to work for improved outcomes, that is their best day. That’s them on the balcony! On the contrary, knowing the numbers or data show a different strategy is better, but leadership declines to follow suit, will automatically put Analytical® in the basement.


Combined with other strategic thinking talents (which is most common), Analytical® is fulfilled when they can make sense of things in a world of statistics, numbers, and facts (Think of Paul DePodesta or an accountant.). Combined with influencing or relationship building strengths, Analytical® can be like Billy Beane in Moneyball. Before he finds the Moneyball theory, he knows something is wrong with current recruiting efforts and something needs to change with game strategy, but he just can’t put his finger on it. Like King Arthur unearthing Excalibur, the Moneyball theory shot Billy Beane’s Analytical® to the balcony. The theory did not come to him naturally, but once he had it, it was his superpower!


So, if you are or know an Analytical®, give some grace when you/they are grumpy because you/they may be struggling to make logical sense of a situation. Instead, re-cap the facts, identify the unknowns, and start asking questions to get some answers. That’s Analytical® on the balcony!


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