Always seeing and believing in the good is a CliftonStrengthⓇ called PositivityⓇ. This eternal optimism is one of the easiest strengths to explain because it is a part of our pedestrian lexicon. Still, a great example of this strength on the balcony and the basement is Emmet Brickowski in The Lego Movie.



“Everything is Awesome!” is certainly a sign of someone on the PositivityⓇ balcony. When this talent is lived out as a strength, it is encouraging and motivating. People gravitate towards this person because of their good energy. PositivityⓇ people have a grateful attitude in life and can genuinely be happier people. They are excited to celebrate others and their victories; in fact, celebrating gives them more energy. For example, another pop culture example of PositivityⓇ is Pollyanna. She could always get a boost of extra energy for herself and others by playing the “I’m glad” game.



Being so focused on the pros of a situation can obfuscate the cons. In the basement, PositivityⓇ could appear to have their head in the sand when it comes to tough situations. They might actively neglect negative situations and, as a result, not resolve problems. Focusing only on the pros of Taco Tuesday and not President Business’ shady dealings is an example of this.


PositivityⓇ is, indeed, a relationship building talent. Many times, people with PositivityⓇ feel obligated to bring optimism to others. This can be a heavy burden because they might not feel like they can express or share their true sadness. I have coached a lot of people with PositivityⓇ that lock away their feelings via a secret depression. So, if you are or know someone with PositivityⓇ, make sure you secure an outlet for negative feelings, too. It can be through a trusted confidant, journaling, or working out with a punching bag. Just make sure to release them because keeping them bottled up can be devastating. The best way for you to release these feelings will depend on your other top strengths. Leave your outlet suggestions below!



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