Do you believe everyone can be great? Do you think, with the right amount of support, hard work, and confidence, anybody can do anything? Can you look at someone and see that they could be an excellent teacher, parent, or leader some day? If you can answer yes to these questions on most days, then you may have the DeveloperⓇ talent in your top 10 strengths, like Blanca from the television show, Pose.

Although she is a fictional character, Blanca is the epitome of the DeveloperⓇ talent on the balcony and the basement. On the balcony, she sees and nurtures the potential in people that society has cast aside. She is kind and giving to LGBTQIA+ homeless teens, as seen in the clip below. On the street and in a span of two minutes, Blanca is already discussing lessons she can teach them, so they can earn a trophy. That’s some quick developing!


Like Blanca, DeveloperⓇ on the balcony is great at mentoring. Whether children living in a house are connected through biology or a chosen family like in Pose, a DeveloperⓇ parent can provide a caring, loving environment where it is safe to grow and learn. This nurturing nature can be applied to mentoring at work, with friends, and on teams, too. Having a DeveloperⓇ in your corner, believing in you, can be one of the greatest feelings and productivity boosts.

Just be careful to keep your DeveloperⓇ in moderation. Excessive DeveloperⓇ can be seen in “stage moms” and helicopter or snowplow parents when they push, hover, or pave the way for their child’s success. It is important to believe in your child or mentee’s potential, but don’t envision a greater future to the point that you hand it to them. Doing that will teach learned dependency, inhibit growth, and infantilize the individual. Throughout the series, Blanca does fall into that trap sometimes and comes across as overbearing to her children, but they appreciate it as the flipside to the coin that pushes them to succeed.

Developers have a beautiful selfless nature. They feel good and gain energy from helping others. So much so that Developers frequently take care of everyone else before they take care of themselves. Like Blanca taking care of homeless teens while she is sick and chair-bound, it is a Developer’s instinct to give from their cup before taking from it themselves. This can be a sign of DeveloperⓇ in the basement.

If you are a DeveloperⓇ, remember to take care of yourself so you can continue to take care of others. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Try leaning into one of your other strengths to hold yourself accountable for self-care.

If you know a DeveloperⓇ that struggles with self-care, offer a helping hand with one of your strengths. They will love you forever for it! For instance, I know a StrategicⓇ manager that supports his DeveloperⓇ employees by creating and executing professional development plans with them. While the employees greatly value professional development and promote it for others, they can sometimes fail to make time to follow through for themselves. A manager that supports this value and holds the employees accountable for executing it in meaningful ways is a great strengths pairing in action.

If you a DeveloperⓇ, how do you fill your cup? Do you partner with another strength to help with self-care?


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