My three-year side hustle has taken off!

Imagine the world and everyone in it through strengths. Do you see the infinite possibilities? I do! And, this is how I view the world and its people every day. Tune into my blog weekly, where I share these wild imaginings, and hopefully you’ll learn a little about yourself and/or those you care about in the process!

How did I get started? Such a unique way to view the world caught wind in my tiny 38,000-person city of Danville, VA and transformed into a word-of-mouth consultation and coaching business. Local leaders sought me out to maximize their teams’ potential and address challenges in smarter, more creative ways. To meet this demand for stronger leadership and more balanced living, Stronger Not Harder provides the following for individuals, volunteers, employees, board members, and C-level executives:

  • one-on-one coaching single sessions and packages
  • on-boarding
  • mediation
  • strategic planning
  • communication mapping
  • training and curricula development
  • leadership development
  • succession planning
  • job duties re-alignment and revitalization
  • strengths discovery team workshops, AND MORE!

After all, everybody needs a coach. Think about it—even the greatest Olympians have coaches. It’s not because they aren’t great, but because they can be greater! To reach our fullest potential, a Stronger Not Harder coach could help you with any life challenges, but especially:

  • Confidence building
  • Career transitions
  • College decisions and admissions
  • Changes in health
  • Managing life balance
  • Difficult, but necessary conversations
  • Building a trustworthy support network
  • Leadership development

I am energized to creatively and collaboratively strategize ways to improve performance and meet community needs. So, let’s connect to start building a stronger you and healthier team!